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15/11/2017 19:49

On August 21, 2017 fairy-tale characters were depicted on the wall of the waiting room of the Kharkiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 24.
They were painted by our volunteers of the project called The World in Colors run by Beit Dan Jewish Cultural Center with the support of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (“Joint”) and the All-Ukrainian Volunteer Network called Volunteer Community. We also got support from the Kharkiv City Council.
The project called The World in Colors was initiated by our volunteer artists Marina Kogan and Alexander Bondarenko who are the participants of the project called Bank of Services. They depict fairy-tale characters in children’s hospitals, kindergartens, and educational institutions of the Jewish Community.
In such a way, our volunteers brighten up children’s lives and heal them with vivid colors. They are assisted by other good hearted people who are not indifferent to these children’s destiny and want to help them.
This is the second wall painting done by our artists in Kharkiv City Children’s Hospitals.
It is so easy to do good deeds together!