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16/08/2016 00:44

What memories of summer do you have from your childhood? Of course, the camp! From 27 to 30 June we held a family camp for Jewish families from the Kharkov Lyceum “SHAALAVIM”. After a long preparation, we have finally met. In our first family camp named “Dream” there were 3 groups: kids, teenagers and parents. Each group has enjoyed a fascinating and informative sessions! Kids were active and happy to attend all classes. And what is a camp without the disco? Children were waiting for it the most, and then have danced all night long. We would like to thank our volunteers: Victoria Dolgin, Oleg Kosariev, Alexander Pushkarev, Dmitry Golovinov and Jana Matiushenko. We all are one big family. We make this with the support of the All-Ukrainian Volunteer Network “Community”, the international Jewish student organization “Hillel”, the American Jewish Distribution Committee “Joint”, and the Lyceum “Shaalavim”.