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20/04/2017 14:26

Dear Friends, We want to share our joy with you! Yesterday, we celebrated Lisa’s birthday in Maxim Gorky Central Park. We had so much fun! We took a ride on the rollercoaster, got lost in the labyrinth of mirrors, competed with each other on the auto race track, shot some targets in the shooting gallery and, in general, had a great time together! We are very thankful to the volunteers from Arayot Teen Club: Irina Lazarenko, Olya Nevzorova, Dasha Nazarenko, Yarik Andrienko, Vlad Grishin, and to the great photographer and camera operator Ekaterina Levchenko who joined their efforts to make Lisa’s day. Welcome to our project called Happy Birthday if you feel like helping us organize a birthday celebration for a child to make him or her happy.