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15/11/2017 19:48

Opening of a games room in the Oncology Department of the Regional Children’s Hospital No. 7 is not an ordinary event…
Our dear participants of the Jewish Volunteer Platform and of the Jewish Time Bank, Maria Kogan and Alexander Bondarenko donated their time and energy to decorate the games room in the hospital by painting the main characters of the cartoon called Flying Animals on the walls. They have also written their slogan there: “Helping Others Is Easy with Us”.
It is very symbolic that the depicted animals are of different ethnicities; they are good friends and are always ready to extend a helping hand to each other. Everybody knows that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and the disease has neither race nor ethnicity.
By implementing this project, our volunteers brighten up children’s lives and heal them with vivid colors.
Special thanks to “Read more…” Bogdana Polska, Veronica Simonova, Anastasia Lubianaya who gave a great master class to the children. And many thanks to our photographer Olga Kazanovskaya.
Children are our future. And if not us, who will care about them?
If you are not indifferent to their destiny and want to help these children, join us! It is so easy to do good deeds together!