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08/11/2018 16:22

From August 1 to 26, there was held the all-Ukrainian action “Pack a schoolbag for a child”.

Have you experienced the problem of buying school supplies for your children? There are families who can’t afford to buy them.

The all-Ukrainian charity event “Pack a schoolbag for a child” has started before Knowledge Day.

For 3 weeks we managed to collect a big box of different school supplies:

– 12 albums

– 19 diaries

– 15 dictionaries of foreign languages

– 64 notebooks for music

– 8 packs of colored cardboard

– 12 folders for notebooks

– 10 packs of covers

– about 500 bookmarks

– more than 100 notebooks and much more …

Our friends from “Center for the Treatment of Animals” also participated in the volunteer action and donated 200 branded wall schedules for the children.

The award ceremony took place on September 2: 38 schoolbags filled with school supplies were given to children.

Happy children and their happy parents, who for various reasons did not have the opportunity to bring their child to school, were happy to look at the gifts they received.

Caring people and organizations have helped with the purchasing of necessary school supplies and bags for 4 years in the context of the action “Collect a briefcase for a child”.

Each year, the presentation of gifts is accompanied by something interesting and unusual. This time, for example, it was a master class on making bookmarks guided by talented representatives of the Beit Dan volunteer platform.