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20/04/2017 14:34

In the era of new technologies, when parents are always busy, children have no possibility to develop their imagination skills. Tablet computers, mobile phones and PCs have totally replaced the simplest and the most necessary things, such as reading a fairy tale to the child before he or she goes to bed.

The purpose of the project called Draw a Fairy Tale is to give children an opportunity to study Jewish history in an interactive way and to improve their imagination at the same time.

Our team of volunteers is committed to children. Before the project started, we had a number of meetings at which we discussed the following topics:

– The idea and the purpose of the project called Draw a Fairy Tale.

– Basic principles of work with children aged 3 to 6 years old.

– How can we help a child in his/her attempts to draw a picture?

Our volunteers had a variety of tasks:

  • To select the most interesting fairy tales;
  • To take pictures;
  • To read fairy tales to children.
  • Among professionals who work with children you will find artists, educators, and psychologists.

In October 2016 the project called Draw a Fairy Tale reached a new level. On every Jewish holiday we pay a visit to Mazal Tov Child Development Center. Our volunteers tell children about the upcoming holiday and give them holiday-related master classes.

We also care about the educators. From time to time, Artem Okun, Jewish Education Coordinator at Beit Dan Jewish Cultural Center, delivers lectures to the educators who work with children.

“In the era of IT, it is crucial to give children the opportunity to think creatively. And I want to give them such an opportunity by implementing this project which is very important for me.”

Bogdana Polskaya (19 years old), Metsuda seminar participant