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15/02/2016 12:45

Project “Together” is very extensive one. It covers at once several different and not always similar to each other activities. Thus, this project allows the help not only in one narrow direction, but in several. Within the framework of the project there were created different actions, among which there are the following:

  • • Two trips to the ecopark of Feldman for temporarily resettled people. There was a tour, a walk to the Zoo, tasty field porridge, communication, games and pleasant surprises.

экопарк с ВПЛ

  • Numerous trips to the cinema for children from the temporarily resettled families in order to bring them back into society.


  • Volunteer trip to an animal shelter, where the role of the volunteers was acted by the temporarily resettled families and other volunteers.


  • The organization of joint Shabbat picnics outside of the town (the learning of Shabbat songs, active sport games, board logic games, the cooking of Shabbat picnic and Shabbat meeting together with the students).

шаббат пикник с ВПЛ