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15/02/2016 12:48

Thanks to this project the dearest dreams of older people come true.

Probably no wonder they say “older people are like small children” and this fact again confirms that the dream has neither age nor the expiration date! And, moreover, if this is a lonely elderly person….The life of a lonely old man is very difficult. They, for one reason or another, are left alone and having dreams, maybe even since their childhood, they have no any chances for their fulfillment, and they need more care and attention.

исполнение дом престарелых

But their dreams are common, and maybe even childish. And thanks to all who are not indifferent, who helps to fulfill a dream that does not age, the maximum number of elderly people will have smile and joy, they will get the most important thing that is to get a sense of relevance and understanding that they are cared of by somebody.
To do good is simple and nice!

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