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09/11/2018 11:57

The exhibition of non-purebred dogs “The Heart of the Purest Breed”.

On August 18, the Center for the Treatment of Animals alongside the Friends project, organized an exhibition of purebred dogs “The Heart of the Purest Breed”, which was a festival, dedicated to International Homeless Animals Day. The purpose of the exhibition is to show that the beauty and talent of the dog does not depend on the breed, as well as the love of people for them!

During the exhibition at one of the points, we collected money for school supplies for pupils in exchange for the “Kindness” stickers, offered everyone to fill out a questionnaire and join our network.

For 3 hours of the event we managed to collect 334 UAH. for the needs of pupils from the children’s program of Hesed Shaare Tikva, and we also got lots of positive ​​emotions.

In addition to the exhibition of non-purebred dogs, the program of the festival included:

– procession of non-purebred dogs;

– games, contests;

– in the children’s zone there were animators in animal costumes;

– guests of the festival could get acquainted with animals and adopt one of them. The dogs were brought from the Center for keeping homeless animals called “Center for Treatment of Animals”;

– it was possible to come with animals that need to be adopted;

– people could register for dog training courses and master classes.