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15/11/2016 17:25

“What do people live for?”. The answer to this question is given by the volunteers of the project “Dream does not grow old” who show in their videos how good it is to get out all together outside the city, on a outdoor seminar. For four days volunteers were enjoying memorable communication, collaborative games, dancing, concerts and competitions.

They had a chance to measure the amount of happiness, emotions, and joy, and came to the conclusion that all this can be estimated according to the time spent together! For the participants this time was about 5760 minutes, 96 hours or four days of communication between different generations, from children to the old. Many of volunteers emphasized that never had the opportunity to spend time with people of another generation, and at the seminar did not feel any bounds in communication and quickly found a common language with each other. And, of course, each of them gained understanding about what for do people live. They live for the dream!