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07/02/2017 20:12

Let’s spend a wonderful winter day together! There was a lot of fun: explosion of positive emotions, exclamations of joy; snow, scattering from under wheels of ATVs, happy eyes of children and smiles on faces of their parents, merry quest, get-up-and-go dances! Everybody could also drink hot tea with bubliki (soft ring-shaped rolls) or dry cracknels and to try tasty porridge. Those who wished could take commemorative pictures!

Children were waiting for this event even more than for Father Frost! They were so happy that day! The most valuable was the fact that this day families and volunteers spent together! In group of friends and family atmosphere our joint day off in the fantastic winter wood came to the end. It is very pleasant that people who do this world a little better become more in number! Thanks all of you!